A Flood Flaps flood vent fits closely into a correspondingly sized vent space in a building wall adjacent a crawlspace under the building. 

The Flood Flap flood vents are permanently fixed in the foundation walls of the building at an elevation above ground level.  Flood Flaps flood vents are spaced apart around the lower part  of a house or other building.  Flood Flaps allow flood waters to enter and exist the crawlspace without damaging the foundation walls.

Flood Flaps are excellent for sealing a crawlspace under a building.  The Flood Flaps flood vent comprises:

(a) a vent box portion including open opposite front and rear ends on either end of a vent passageway in the vent box portion, the vent portion comprising a top box portion, an opposite bottom box portion, and two side wall portions, the top portion comprising at least one flap slot adjacent a rear end portion of the vent box portion;

(b) at least one flexible Flood Flap extending across the open rear end portion of the vent box portion, an upper edge of the flexible Flood Flap being seated in the correspondingly sized flap slot in the top box portion, other side flap edges of the Flood Flap being unattached; and

(c) a grate portion over the open front end portion of the vent box portion.

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These are excellent for Florida homes that have crawl spaces. Almost all of the thousands of planned communities in South Florida have man-made ponds and lakes for aesthetics and for functional drainage purposes. However, a deluge of rain can cause these lakes to overflow, and water levels can quickly rise and flood crawl spaces.

– Presto Home Inspection

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