I have yet to inspect a Florida CBS home where some sort of shrinkage cracking isn’t present. Stucco is a very tricky substance to mix, and if it’s installed too wet or even too dry it’s going to end up with some cracks. Also, with slab-on-grade foundations being the norm, even slight settling will cause some minor stucco cracks.

When I see cracks around windows or doors like in the photos, it’s usually due to improper drainage from the roof because there is no gutter system installed. There is a minimal eave overhang, or no eave at all, and water just runs from the roof right down the side of the house. Not only does this allow water to intrude around windows, but it also allows the water to pool near the foundation.

A gutter system and downspout extensions will help tremendously with both of these problems.

– Presto Home Inspection

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