Your inspector wants to inspect solo. You may be all for letting your inspector do his or her thing while you run errands or measure for curtains, especially if you aren’t a DIY-er. But, look, this is a big purchase, and you’re going to live here. You should learn everything you can about your new home.

“Many home inspectors will point things out to you – spots that are OK now but will need future maintenance; a quirky way something works; or other useful information that might be hard to get any other way,” says Cara Stein, a freelance editor and book designer in Huntsville, Alabama.

“At a minimum,” she adds, “most will mutter disparaging remarks about any poor-quality repairs. This is invaluable information that doesn’t make it into the home inspection report. You’re paying for it; you might as well get it.”

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Number 1 on the list…“your home inspector wants to go solo”. My job is so much easier, and the client is so much more satisfied, when he or she is present for the inspection. I prefer it, and I specifically ask every buyer to be present at the property. An educated buyer is my number one priority, and hands on learning at the house is the best way to illustrate what I find. If your home inspector doesn’t want you present at the inspection, then you need to find another home inspector!”

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